Case Study: A Sound Sleep App
Idea to Product at Metaii
Our Process

It all starts with an idea, an idea to solve a real problem. We help you build your idea into reality. We start by analyzing the problem and from this analysis we define what is the Minimum Viable Product or MVP. The MVP consists of compulsory features needed to create the very basic proof of concept, gathering requirements on the fly that serve to build a fully featured product.

The MVP serves as input into the creation of an in-depth application process flow. Our design team collaborates with our engineers to create wireframes that exemplify specific features that will guide the creation of a finished product.

From day one, our design and engineering teams collaborate to ensure that design aesthetics beautifully merge with technical capability to craft a fully functional product. The design team cultivates an aesthetic to guide a delightful user experience while the engineering team analyzes requirements, develops all app technicalities, implements each feature testing as they move towards a final product.

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At Metaii our philosophy is to help people build a productive and better world. Building a better world starts with better health and wellness for everyone. We want to use technology for the betterment of people’s health.

In today’s busy world, getting a good night’s sleep and lack of attention to health is a big problem. Sleep is vital for the regeneration of our bodies and to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. Thus was born the idea to build an app that helps people improve their sleep.

Idea: Better sleep equals a more productive day. Create an app to help people sleep better, be healthier and lead more productive lives.
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To achieve our goal to help people sleep better, we started by researching the science behind sleep. We sleep in cycles of light and deep sleep (REM sleep). Waking up during the deep cycles can cause us to feel groggy and prevent our body from rejuvenating properly. Therefore, the best times to wake up is between REM sleep cycles, this allows us to feel better and be more productive.

We also researched colours. There has been research done on various colours and what effects they have on sleep. Through our research we concluded that the colour scheme best suited for an app related to sleep is deep blue.

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A very simple app that will help users to find out the best time to sleep and wake up. Thus, we decided we will have to support two cases for our MVP:
1. If user goes to bed right now the app will tell them when is the best time to wake up.
2. If user wants to wake up at certain time, they should be able to choose that time, and the app will tell them what is the best time to go to bed.

MVP to Feature

Since in our MVP we identified 2 cases, from these we will define the features.

Feature 1 ­- Implement a screen where user will see the best time to wake up if they went to sleep right now.
Feature 2 ­- Implement a screen where user will be able to choose the time when they want to wake up.
Feature 3 -­ Allow the user to choose a wakeup time, thereby have a clock that will allow the user to choose the time.

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Feature to Design

Our goal is for user to do the least amount of work. Thus, the information should be presented to the user right away. The challenge for the design team was to then come up with a workflow that presented information clearly while allowing users to seamlessly go between the two main screens with sleep times.

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After some trial and error working with the engineering team they came up with a slider design that allows user to move from one screen to another just with a single touch, without any need to press buttons or navigate complicated menu. The information is presented to user right away in a clean and clear table format. The workflow was thus a simple swipe.

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For the second screen where user would choose the time to wake up, we introduced the idea of editing the time with a simple button next to the time. Clicking the button would open up a clock that would allow the user to choose the time.

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The last screen we needed to design was the clock screen. Upon clicking the clock would open up and allow user to choose a time. The design team came up with the idea of a simple classic clock.

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Design to Product

Once each feature and requirement were made into wireframes the design team got to work and created an aesthetically beautiful UI. They used the research we found on colours to design each screen. Every details was important. From the fonts to colour to aesthetics to functionality ensuring a beautiful app designed to help its users.

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The engineering team implemented the final app design as per the feature and requirements that we defined through our proven process. The final product was a beautiful functional app designed to help people improve their lives and the world!

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