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ShareChange is a mobile app that combines saving with doing good. ShareChange partners with microfinance institutions in developing countries to provide micro loans, which allow users of the app to empower somoeone to lift themselves out of poverty.

Metaii's has helped ShareChange build its application and platform with remote resources.

EMOTE AI is an artificial intelligence based mental health platform for e-sport athletes, that monitors pro-gamers interaction, produces analytics and connects with mental health professionals.

Seasoned engineers provided by Metaii have been instrumental in both architecting and constructing Emote AI's minimum viable product, guiding it from concept to production. Remote resources provided by Metaii have been the driving force behind Emote AI's development.

Unaddict is a chrome extension to help break addiction to the web and help prevent time wasted on the internet. With 8000+ organic downloads it's an useful and simple tool that anyone can use to improve their own productivity.

Engineers provided by Metaii designed and developed the Unaddict chrome extension.

Brightly Boxed is curated gifts featuring products from small local businesses around themes like self-care, foodies, coffee lovers, beer aficionados and more. Brightly Boxed sends you reminders a few weeks before important events(like birthdays or anniversaries) and suggests a few local gift options to make finding the perfect gift completely hassle free.

Talented engineers provided by Metaii helped build the BrightlyBoxed backend platform and chrome extension.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Metaii developed our mobile app and took care of everything including the graphics design, the user interface and experience as well as the coding. It was a challenging task with a tight deadline, but the Metaii team delivered on its commitment. The new app has made our platform more accessible to our users while providing all the core features of our website, increasing our direct user engagement.

-Benjamin Shahin
Founder and CEO at Allyus Inc.

Metaii has build backend infrastructure for one of our products. They took the time to understand our business, analyzed the problem and designed a solution that worked well with our existing processes. Metaii’s solution has saved us hours of manual work and increased our conversion rate upto 70%. Our US and Canadian clients have grown 15% as well.

The team at Metaii is a quick email away and always ready to help. We continue to build new products with Metaii and happy to work with them.

-Jim Barratt
President at Log books Unlimited
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